Apart from the outside beauty, we also aim for stable and durable constructions. Our structural designers will participate in the design of any item where the integrity affects the item’s function. They will advice regarding stability, durability and safety features.



During our work we have tested and produced different paper-based materials. We know how to built them to be strong enough and stable enough to resist variety of loads.

The role of our structural engineers involves a significant understanding of both static and dynamic loading. The complexity of client’s requirements and product structures often requires a great deal of creativity from the engineer in order to ensure the structures support and resist the loads they are subjected to.

VISION is a company with a reputation for stable and durable solutions for every need.

From concept to delivery our sales managers will find the right solution for your business.

We are dedicated to the success of our clients. It is our commitment to set the standard for quality, service and value.

“ has fulfilled several unconventional projects for Beate Uhse holding, cooperating with departments both on retail and wholesale levels. The first task that brought our companies together was a project for one of our lingerie brands. has been able to develop the concept from scratch. They showed a considerable amount of creativity as well as practical orientation. The end product was quite cheap and very convenient in terms of transportation, while being able to present our brand perfectly.”
Pavel Zalevskiy, Account Manager
“I’ve been working with since a year now. Very happy with our cooperation, communication is clear, service very good, quick delivery. Our Sales Manager is ‘thinking with us’ and she is always very helpful. The product and materials are great and nicely priced :)”
Astrid Elisee, Fashion Designer
“Are you Swedish? had a display custom made. It looks and feels as cool as it was promised. Also it was great the company came to install the display the first time and was quick to make amendments where necessary. We recommend this company and their products highly.”
Hanneke de Boer, Sales and PR agent
“I’m very pleased with The products are are high quality. They’ve beautiful papers and colors.
A big benefit is the contactperson when you need advise for your next order!”
Carlijn Seves, BlauMaschine


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